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          Company Profile

          Square N specializes in the manufacture of various top quality control locks, handles, hinges and clasps of hardware parts. In the early stage, we had the technology that is cooperated with Japan company and manufactured in Taiwan.

          During the course of cooperation, our products are marketed throughout the world, especially to American and European countries that are satisfied with our top quality products.

          We measure and test the handles strength, and the major materials include zinc die cast, aluminum alloy cast or stainless steel.

          We have applied for trademark both in Taiwan and China. Our products also obtained various design patents of "New Type" and "New Outward" in outward and structure.


          Business Type:Export, Manufacture

          Established In:1984

          Export Markets:Global

          Main Products:Control Locks, Hinges, Clasps

          No. of Total Staff:10-20



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